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I’m a passionate creative and love anything art, music, & pop culture. Especially, anything  Disney or robot related. 

If you love what you do but not about the social media aspects of your passion, maybe we should see how we can assist each other.

Assisting small businesses or band promotion with any social media platforms, blogs, and bringing all these aspects together is my passion. I have over 10 years of luxury hospitality experience and know the spectrums of service & understand the speed of business.

To some social media marketing it’s a very mundane and tedious task. Connecting all “off-stage” backend boring stuff giving you an organic boost is my strength. It’s almost like magic, without the magic… (goofy thing I like to say)

You have a small business to run and I like tinkering with the matrix. I’d love assist!

I have been known to have creative eye and vision for social media marketing.

I’m a real person in the SF Bay Area … .. .bee bo bee bop… .. .

Aaron Menchaca |

10.16.2017 Currently working as a freelance WordPress Blogger & Social Media Manager for:

Antonetti’s Hair For Men In Long Beach

  • Site creation |Digital content | Currently monitoring/adjusting SEO tools and google analytics |Daily posts across multiple social platforms