escape the sun

escape the sun

escape for everyone | fateof808 media


escape the sun
break the sky

those speaking for us…
their quiet life of silent screens
those speaking for us…
the zombie life of tangerines

escape the sun
shatter the sky

run high above valley…
bees can’t concentrate, either can I
run high above the valley…
your futures can’t wait, either can I

escape the sun
break sky

pack and box and unbox and breathe

escape the sun

for everyone…

Intergalactic Road Trip


Rotating like the silent lights of dawn’s patrol
Without sound the cameras pan
First the replay, then slo-mo… .. .

The  silence is broken… .. . A sudden hush is dissolved
Sirens shriek as shadows flash..
The sky cracks | another flash.
Eyes widen in disbelief


Broken it plays like a speaker boxxx..xx.x
Without sound it’s been me, within me, always throwing rocks
“How far does it go?”
“How far can I throw?”

There’s a rabbit hole;

“I know, let’s go..”

Intergalactic road trip, please transmit….

Intergalactic road trip, please transmit….

We Got The Power

Gorillaz Lyrics to live by:

…we dream of home, I dream of life out of here | Their dreams are small
My dreams don’t know fear (I got all you) | I got my heart full of hope
I will change everything | No matter what I’m told
How impossible it seems (we got the power)

We did it before | And we’ll do it again
We’re indestructible | Even when we’re tired
And we’ve been here before | Just you and I
Don’t try to rescue me | I don’t need to be rescued

We got the power to be ringing the great bell out there above us
We got the power for that | We’ve got the power to do that