Health, Happiness & Creativity in 2018!

Happy Holidays from my personal blog called Fate of 808! All of these digital manipulations are my own. (unless stated otherwise by author)

Currently looking to join any new dynamically creative teams as a social media/brand ambassador. I have hospitality management experience, but I am looking to shift to my true passion as a digital/multimedia artist. I am currently in San Jose, Ca and work remotely as the Social Media Manager for Antonetti’s Barbershop in Long Beach.

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ALSO! If you are if the San Francisco Bay Area I am currently open for any digital art collaborations, non-digital, or whatever. ANYTHING creative…

Be Kind, Always!




  • Purple orchids symbolize admiration, respect, dignity and royalty.
  • In Chinese medicine, the orchid is used as an herbal remedy to ease coughs and lung diseases; treat kidney, lung and stomach deficiencies; and treat eye diseases.
  • They remind me of dormant alien life forms.

Dark Gravity


The cruel illusion that binds us all on Earth
Minutes click as a silent universe swirls

Hurdling millions of miles sitting in ones place
Through time and space
History is easily placed, erased, and retraced

Only dark gravity remains…