Love Symbol #2

As I was playing this album last night I began 2 reflect on the last time I saw The Artist live….. Oakland, March 6, 2016… *sigh*

On the next anniversary I will definitely expand on what his music, legacy, & integrity meant 2 my life…

Such a brilliant soul & wonderful music. What is Love Symbol #2?

To create something from nothing is one of the greatest feelings, and I would – I don’t know, I wish it upon everybody. It’s heaven.


Cash Only 1932-2003

..must have been around 6 or 7 years old…maybe younger.. Margaret played a lot of John Denver & Johnny Cash… full of the glacier park blood she was caught between worlds….observant and cunning…book smarts not needed here.. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE..Full of dark sarcastic humor.. Listening to Cash I remember those days… warm and full of stories. Here’s to remembering that everyone can overcome their own personal demons… as long as you try. Thanks for the memories.

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The Future’s Here Today It’s Not Too Late

Ramones | Brain Drain | Messages to the future …

..Besides the obvious Stephen King influenced commercial hit on the B side I feel this is an underrated, almost forgotten Ramones album. Tough time for the band with Dee Dee about to leave and become King.. (another story later)

Maybe the band was chasing a wider, maybe younger audience in 1989? Something to future proof and a baton to possibly hand to the future CJ? Keep The Ramones brand alive and fresh?.. Dunno …

My favorite tracks: Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight) | Can’t Get You Out of My Mind | Punishment Fits The Crime | Zero Zero UFO | And the song I connect to the most? I Believe in Miracles ..(FUHK).. what an all encapsulating life message/lesson from Dee Dee and team..seeking inclusion with a sense of urgency…

“I used to be on an endless run | Believed in miracles ’cause I’m one.
I’ve been blessed with the power to survive | After all these years I’m still alive.
I’m out here kickin’ with the band | Oh I’m no longer a solitary man.
Every day my time runs out | Lived like a fool, that’s what I was about…”

Written by Daniel Rey, Dee Dee Ramone, Douglas Colvin • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

As the phoenix in Greek Mythology, maybe the touring (original) Ramones have died… But the Ramones are still pulsating to the back beat, keeping our heads bobbing to distract us from the noise around us…

To keep us (me) youthful in our hearts in a time when we’d all like to rise from the ashes and Believe in Miracles. An optimistic and a feel good message from the boys full of strength, heart, and hope.

CJ Ramone continues to carry and push this banner forward HERE

Thank you