Emporium SF

Pinball, pool, old-school arcade games, plus music, cocktails craft beers, in hip, historic digs….

Emporium SF is the latest in a much needed genre of nostalgic gaming centers that infuse live Djs with massive video backdrops of The Bay Area’s favorite sports teams.

When I say gaming center, it’s just that: pinball, foosball, billiards, old school, with a some new school peppered in.

The bar areas are great, spacious even on Saturday nights, pumping new/familiar mixes, with the street art “feels” really adding a warming tone this eighties kid can appreciate.

The video games speak for themselves although the Emporium may want to invest in a curator/engineer to make sure they are not only looking great, but play as intended for long term use.

If you haven’t been, stop in! It’s definitely easy to get lost in the nostalgia, bells, bleeps, and colors…. 🙂 Good times!

emporium sf fateof808

Emporium SF – Arcade Bar Venue | 616 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

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