I can honestly say, ” I don’t work”

“You look like an artist.”  “That’s cause I am.” I never knew I wanted to be a barber/hairstylist. You can say it chose me. After another horrible experience at my father’s childhood barber shop I decided to do something. So at the age of 11, I picked up the clippers we had at home and started cutting my own hair. Let me tell you… my hair cuts didn’t look like they do now. I had the vision, but I didn’t know how to execute it.

With that being said, I sat myself in the typical run-of-the mill franchise styling salons. Knowing it would take about an hour for my name to be called.  I watched the hair stylist work, I observed the angles and elevations they used and noticed the different techniques they implemented. Later in high school, a friend of mine thought he would try out my skills. Like others, I assumed he thought I really wasn’t cutting my own hair. Needless to say, the next day at school, I received compliments on the hair cut. That’s when I knew I had some kind of eye and hand for this.  But I didn’t pursue my license until years later.

I joined the school of hard knocks and barely graduated. That’s when I decided to turn my talent from a hobby into a career. I can honestly say, ” I don’t work.” When you love what you do, it’s not work. If I have the opportunity to talk to you about my lifestyle, you will feel my passion.

My goal is to simply exceed your expectation of the best haircut you previously had before me! … My name is Antonetti, and your quality is my priority.

– Alchenetti

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