Path & Purpose

He places people in your path for his purpose..

The calling was strong. As confusing as it was, I understood something I had no knowledge of. My search began before i even started looking.

Like updates to a smart phone, Info poured in.

From where I had no clue. It came to me as a feeling, fact! At times, the message was physically painful. Nausea and migraines where frequent. I would shout out to whoever was around me to STOP!!! I figured, if i stopped you from doing or saying what you were about to, i could prevent this intruding feeling.

I failed every time, and blackouts occurred.

There wasn’t any way to dismiss it. I couldn’t help it from happening. I had only the ability to stop things before they would happen.

That only led to answering questions of, ” how did you know?!” 

For years, I tried ignoring this. Like a good father will, he altered his approach. And yes, Angels exist. He places people in your path for his purpose. He calls on all of us in many ways. Not only do I understand, now I know!

Des da Vinci 

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